Market Branding And Presence

Globally Recognised Partner In Oil Trading

NW Corporation has established its position and presence in the highly competitive oil trading sector in the region and beyond.

It counts oil majors such as BP, Shell, and Chevron, as well as national oil companies such as the Petroleum Authority of Thailand, Aramco Trading, and large independent traders such as Glencore, Trafigura, and Vitol as its trading counterparts.

Moving forward, building strategic partnerships globally will remain a key focus in building a global market presence.

Model For Digital Corporate Governance

NW Corporation takes the uncharted step into adapting blockchain technology for the management of physical documents and contracts.

Through this, we aim to establish ourselves as a leader and frontrunner in efficiency and a model for operational and corporate governance for trading companies worldwide.

Experience And Professional Team

We are recognised for our professionalism and experience. The senior members of the team are high achievers who have crossed over from their previous roles in the industry.

The fact that major oil players such as BP, Shell, and Saudi Aramco have approved NW Corporation as their trading counterparty in an unusually short time frame attests to our robust delivery reputation.

NW Corporation

NW Corporation – An enterprising commodity trading company with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We make trade happen.

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