Business Model & Innovations

NW Corporation was established to facilitate new trading opportunities and solutions to commercial flows, arranging and managing international trades with its partners.Over the years, the company has solidified its growth through a steely focus on nurturing strategic partnerships, developing strategic competencies in dynamic planning based on real-world variables, and leveraging new financial technologies to manage risks.

Leverage Advanced Technologies

NW Corporation utilises technologies and processes in the management of price risk exposure, and supports strategies including using futures and over-the-counter solutions. For e.g., Intercontinental Exchange trading platform provides live quotes, real time alerts and position on top of daily updates and internal spreadsheets.

NW Corporation is in the process of digitalizing more processes and operations.

Strategic Partnerships

A strong network of partners is fundamental to the success of oil-trading companies. Besides being an employee-centric organisation, NW Corporation’s partner-centricity speaks volume which leads to its outstanding performance despite being a relatively young player in an extremely closed sector. It has earned the trust of leading oil majors in the region and internationally such as Shell and PTT as its counter-parties; as well as niche players.

NW Corporation’s success is a direct result of its ability to become an invaluable partner inthe entire supply chain.

Dynamic Strategic Planning

NW Corporation constantly monitors the global economy and business environment, does regular scenario-planning so to respond to dynamic external variables in a well-planned manner.

This resulted in a business turnover of more than US$200million annually and the ability to edge out its competition.

Business Model & Innovations Expansion Of Full-suite Services

NW Corporation intends to go beyond pure trading to establishing itself as a full-fledged oil company, providing end-to-end comprehensive suite of bespoke supply chain solutions to meet the needs of their partners and customers.

Expanding Services

Within 2021, the company will lease storage tanks as part of its next strategy to expand from pure trading into one that includes more comprehensive services such as breaking bulk, storage and blending. This will increase the company trading margin as well as position the company as a full fledged oil company.

Investing In Logistics Capabilities

NWC is planning to acquire assets in the form of oil tankers which will be use both by the company as well as charter to other companies. This strategy ensures the company to increase efficiency in freight cost and boost availability which in turn better meets the requirements of customers as well as maximizes the profitability of trading.

Dynamic Strategic Planning

Further expansion of trading into construction products such as aggregates from UAE into Bangladesh and river sand from Malaysia into China. Mining products such as Bauxite and iron ore into China and agricultural products such as sugar into Indonesia.

Business Model & Innovations Technology And Data-enabled Business Business Capabilities

Nw Corporation’s Twin Engine For Growth

With the commodities industry still involving a heavily reliance on physical documents and contracts between supply chain partners, NW Corporation has actively remained at the forefront of the industry, moving towards adoption of blockchain technology and predictive analytics to shape our next curve of competitive advantage.

Leveraging Blockchain Technology

• Streamline processes and improve operational efficiency for internationalisation and global growth
• Transaction transparency and fraud reduction

Leveraging data and predictive analytics tools

• Algorithmic trading based on buyer demand
• Build proprietary market information for price and risk hedging

Business Model & Innovations
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