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Risk Management

Risk control is a key area of concern for many businesses. With the increasingly uncertain and volatile market, proven by the fall of other trading giants, we understand that risk management is of utmost priority. At NW Corporation, we follow an effective and highly structured assessment formula that reduces the risk of significant financial losses through a combination of expertise, diligence, cutting-edge technologies and management processes. Our team is highly experienced in mitigating the inherent risks of trades through a robust risk management framework. On top of due diligence and bank approval done on all trading counterparties prior to any conduct of trades, the team also uses reputable live ship tracking platform. This platform helps to ensure that all vessels engaged are not involved in any prohibited cargo movement or have been in sanctioned countries for at least the last 1 year. The platform also allows verification of location of vessels as well as details of the cargo the vessel is carrying.

Global Supply Chain Management

Aligned with moving towards a full-fledged global oil company, development of supply chain knowledge and competencies have been a focus of knowledge development.Adopting blockchain technology such as Contour to streamline and safeguard the supply chain further onto a common digital network.

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